Welcome to The Town of Conklin

The Town of Conklin lies in the southerly part of Broome County and is bounded on the north and east by the town of Kirkwood, on the south by the Pennsylvania State Line, and on the west by the Town of Binghamton. Conklin was formed on March 29, 1824 from the Town of Chenango. Conklin is the largest village in the town and is not incorporated.

The Town of Conklin covers approximately 15,077 acres and as of 2010 has a population of 5,441.

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Town of Conklin Annual Water Quality Report, 2013 data (Click on Link to Open Document)

Notice of Public Hearing - Proposed Local Law

TAKE NOTICE that a public hearing will be held by the Town Board of the Town of Conklin on March 24, 2015 commencing at 6:05 p.m. at the Conklin Town Hall, 1271 Conklin Road, Conklin, NY regarding:
A local law entitled “A local law Amending Article IV from ‘manufactured home’ to ‘modular home”. The purpose of this local law is to amend the Town’s existing local law and to correct three typographical errors which read manufactured but should read modular.
Notice is further given that the environmental significance, if any, of the proposed local law will be reviewed incident to, and as a part of, said public hearing.
Any person shall be entitled to be heard upon said proposed Local Law, a copy of which is available for review at the Town Clerk’s Office. Persons, who require assistance in attending said public hearing, or in furnishing comments and suggestions, should contact the undersigned to request such assistance.
Dated: February 27, 2015 Sherrie L. Jacobs
Town Clerk of the Town of Conklin
Conklin Town Hall
1271 Conklin Road
Conklin, NY 13748